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When a person is a party to a litigation, he may have missed his case or the appropriate defense of himself, because even if he was aware of the details of his case, in most cases the correct means to initiate or push the dispute in a correct manner would be hidden from him. Hence our interest in working in an integrated system legally and legitimately in order to achieve the interest of our clients. Al-Dwaihi and Al-Mousa Company, attorneys and advisers is one of the leading companies in the profession of advocacy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the work team consists of a distinguished elite of professional cadres and consultants in all fields of law, including the insurance field, with its utmost importance and a basic requirement in the commercial field, where the office provides high legal services in quality, which serves all legal fields with high experience and efficiency, through which the company has maintained an excellent record in achieving the legal works from within a legal team integrated with qualifications and practical expertise.

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Commercial and financial cases

The company performs all process of pleading, defense, follow-up and represent other parties in all suits of all kinds, both commercial and financial, in all jurisdictions, attending their sessions, and following up the implementations of its rulings in the enforcement courts.

Banks and Exchange Institutions

The company provides consulting for work on finance, loans and facilities granted by banks to all kinds of financing. The company also file suits and claims against those in debt to the bank and local and international debtors and file suits as an agent to individuals and companies against banks. Disputes between banks and clients as a result of financial transactions and forming loans, mortgage agreements and different bills of guarantee ,mortgage and attachment and any other agreement relating to civil transactions and commercial transactions relating to companies.


The company handles cases, claims and suits resulting from insurance disputes.

Licensing foreign in-vestment

The company handles establishment of foreign and joint companies also foreign establishments, and obtaining the necessary investment licenses from Saudi foreign investment and handle the amendments and renewal.

Arbitration cases

Forming arbitration documents and represent the parties and handling nullity cases relating to it.

Criminal cases

The company perform pleading and represent others in all criminal cases related to individuals or related to commercial and professional transactions and companies , in addition to traffic and traffic accidents, injuries and accidents that occur on construction sites and pleading in criminal cases of all kinds.


Collecting the debts of companies,corporations,individuals, businessmen and banks from others whether these rights relate to companies corporations or individuals or government departments or labor departments or private and settling these debts financially in legal and regulative manner within The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad in accordance with the regulations in effect.

Providing advices

The company is providing legitimate and legal advices in all legal fields and foreign investment and companies regulations in accordance with the regulations in effect in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Establishment and merger of corporate contracts

We stablish, transform, merge, modify and restructure and liquidate companies and perform studies and codify regulations and administrative structure.

Execution cases

We execute judicial decisions and all excitable bills and commercial papers cases and bonds.

Family affairs and inheritance

The company handles all disputes related to the family, divorce, and “khula” (ransom divorce ) , judicial separation, Custody, jurisdiction, distribution of estates, succession and wills disputes and related cases.

Labor and workers

The company handles pleading in labor cases, its benefits Infront of different courts and competent labor commissions. Forming employment contracts, regulations of labor and disciplinary rules and other regulations relating to labor and workers.

Forming, reviewing and registering contracts

We form, review and audit all kinds of contracts and agree-ments in all kinds of legal fields.

Intellectual property rights

We register trade marks, patents, industrial models and intellectual property and finalize process of trade marks registering and commercial concession within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Notarizing and registering legitimate power of attorney

Services of notarizing legitimate power of attorney,termination,registering real state and notarizing articles of association for partners,financial disclosure,mortgage in addition to registering commercial agencies and extract commercial registries and industrial licenses,amending and delete them.

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